Th Grnd Operetta Hotel

In October 2019, Stanley Opera staged a brand new show designed to offer parts to a large number of its company members. Featuring popular operetta numbers – all no longer under copyright – by Johann Strauss, Franz Lehar and Gilbert and Sullivan, it was described by one audience member as ‘Fawlty Towers on acid’ and was a big hit with those who came to see it.


The Grand Operetta Hotel, managed by its manic owner Demetrius Peach with the help of Osip, his Ukrainian desk clerk, and Joy Jarvis, the hotel’s entertainments officer, caters for a number of resident guests. They include Kiri di Canapé and Mr Warble, both faded stars of the musical stage, the Captain, a man with peculiar nautical delusions, and the Culpeppers, a couple so close that they intuitively finish each other’s sentences.


This would all be hard enough for the staff but the hotel also caters for guests who require an overnight stay. Dolores ‘The Duchess’ Domingues books in with her husband Diego and daughter Diaz, as do the mysteriously mute Ronnie and Connie Green, and Apricot Stone, a would-be opera diva who seems to know Mr Peach very well indeed.


Throw in the hotel staff, many of whom have dreams of stage stardom themselves, and you have a daft and tuneful entertainment, perfect for all the family.


In due course we plan to release the script of this show to other companies who might like to stage it. Watch this space. Full details will appear on this page as soon as possible in these difficult times.